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Restore your smile with a metal-free natural look!


Dental Crowns and Restoration treatments performed by an experienced Cosmetic Dentist, like Dr. Terra, give you a high quality attractive looking result that is also good for your health.


At Smile The Spa we use the latest digital scanning technology for crowns and restorations. That means none of the gooey mess associated with traditional impression materials. It also means no gag response for the patient, you can breath and swallow naturally during the digital 3D scan and there is no unpleasant taste.               

Our digital scanning is safe, results in more accuracy, and a precise fit where crowns and bridges are involved.

It is also fast. Digital impressions taken for restorations are complete in approximately 3 to 5 minutes.  With our iTero technology we can take a 3D digital scan of a patient’s teeth and bite, and transmit the file wirelessly for processing. It’s all part of the Smile The Spa experience.


We also use the highest quality material available today – Zirconia.


Zirconia Crowns are extraordinarily strong, they can withstand wear and tear and are translucent enough to be similar to natural teeth. There is also less tooth removal involved and no metal fuse. Not to mention their modifiable size, shape and color, and the fact they are biocompatible – meaning they are safe to use and remain in your mouth.


Zirconia Crowns are also the most aesthetic and natural looking product on the market today and they last!

Dr. Terra is the best Cosmetic Dentist in Long Beach CA.

It means that your SMILE will be in the BEST hands.

SMILE, we'll do the rest

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